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Trip to Guilin-Celebrate the Glory Together, Power-Time Technology's 20th Anniversary Celebration Trip to Guilin
The gears of time have turned for twenty years, through the vicissitudes of two decades, sailing through storms and growth together, the Power-Time family joins hands to reach the other shore. Looking back on the journey, our hearts are filled with mixed emotions. On the occasion of the 20th anniversary of the establishment of Shenzhen Power-Time Technology Co., Ltd., the Power-Time team, in order to celebrate this milestone moment with family members and to allow everyone to relax.
Share, Transfer, and Motivate: Power-Time's 2023 Annual Celebration Ceremony
Power-Time (GPCOMM) Technology recently concluded its much-anticipated Annual Celebration Ceremony, a testament to the company's continued success and the dedication of its exceptional staff.
GPCOMM Technology Achieves "Environmental Management System-GB/T24001-2016/ISO14001:2015 Certificate"
GPCOMM Technology, also known as Shenzhen Power-Time Technology,  has successfully earned the "Environmental Management System-GB/T24001-2016/ISO14001:2015 Certificate" through its dedicated environmental management practices. This achievement comes after undergoing rigorous audits and assessments, signifying international recognition of the company's excellence in environmental management and its strong commitment to sustainable development
Holiday Notice
We will be on leave for the National Holiday and Mid-Autumn Festival from 29th Sep. to 6th Otc.
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