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The Power-Time has thrived for twenty years, painting a magnificent picture of splendor in Yunnan

After twenty years of hard work and achievements, Power-Time with the banner of "Growth Wins the World, Power Creates the Future," has gathered the passion and dreams of countless employees, forging today's brilliance. To celebrate this milestone moment, Power-Time meticulously planned a trip to Yunnan, allowing employees to experience the warmth and strength of the team amidst beautiful scenery.

The April Guilin landscape tour has become a legend. Now, employees with more than 10 years embark on a journey to Yunnan, where Lijiang Ancient Town, Jade Dragon Snow Mountain, and Pudacuo National Forest Park exude rich Naxi culture, diffusing the scent of years gone by.

Lijiang Shuhe Ancient Town boasts cobblestone roads, rustic wooden houses, and clear streams, harmonizing with the scenery of Black Dragon Pool. In the evening, we stroll through the alleys of Lijiang Ancient Town, experiencing the unique residential style and cultural atmosphere of the Naxi people. This tranquility and harmony symbolize the tacit understanding and unity of the Shenzhen Power-Time team.

Jade Dragon Snow Mountain, the sacred mountain in the hearts of the Naxi people, with its thirteen peaks resembling soaring dragons. The Power-Time team stubbornly climbed to the summit, overlooking the clouds and mountains below, experiencing the grandeur and wonder of nature. Just like the development of Power-Time, we fear no difficulties, boldly climb to new heights, and persist in being a socially responsible enterprise!

We challenge ourselves during the climb and experience the sense of achievement and freedom at the summit.

The Jinsha River and Tiger Leaping Gorge are renowned for their danger, oddity, grandeur, and beauty. The river rushes and roars through the gorge like a mighty army. This spectacular sight inevitably evokes the vigorous morale and indomitable spirit of the Power-Time team in their work. When faced with difficulties, we also demonstrate fearless courage and steadfast determination, just like the rushing waters of Tiger Leaping Gorge, forging ahead courageously.

Shangri-La's Songzanlin Monastery embodies the essence of Tibetan Buddhism and the infiltration of ethnic culture. The exquisite Kalachakra Stupa is not only a vision of paradise but also a hope for reality. Pudacuo National Park, with its lakes, wetlands, forests, and snow-capped mountains, presents a beautiful picture. Power-Time always holds hope for the future; we believe that the future will be bright, and we will definitely achieve "Growth Wins the World, Power Creates the Future"!

In the moonlit ancient city of Dukezong, we collectively rotated the world's largest prayer wheel - the Victory Monument, sending blessings to distant relatives and friends, while also praying for a more brilliant future for Power-Time. Riding horses on the grasslands of Napahai in Shangri-La, experiencing the pastoral scenery of the Tibetan area. On the vast grasslands, we are immersed in the mysterious cultural landscape of the Tibetan people.

This trip to Yunnan not only allowed employees to appreciate the breathtaking natural and cultural landscapes of Yunnan but also strengthened the cohesion and centripetal force of the team. We will take the joy and inspiration from this trip as motivation to continue contributing to the future development of the Power-Time. In the future, the Power-Time will continue to uphold the corporate spirit of "Quality First Building Brand, Power Growth Creates Future," embracing new challenges and opportunities, and jointly scripting an even more brilliant tomorrow!